2014 Tasmania, Japan

2014 Tasmania

0:16 Ki taiso
11:36 Aikido Yuishinkai Kata, with several additional explanations
31:51 Exercise for back problem, use center of gravity
34:01 Katatedori tenkan, how to hold (uke) and how to do tenkan
37:23 Kotai is basic movement, not true Aikido arts. It is the basics how to move. Ryutai is true Aikido arts. Explanation with katatedori tenkan kokyunage.
41:36 How to turn using center axis
42:43 How to hold and keep posture during turning (uke)
44:26 Kamae
46:26 Katatedori tenkan kokyunage (kotai)
48:46 How to move down, up and down in katatedori tenkan kokyunage. When moving vertical, don’t move horizontal. Triangle, round and square posture and movement.
51:48 Sharing about how to be uke for O’sensei (extend Ki, mushin, maai), then katatedori tenkan exercise at ryutai level


0:00 Katatekosadori kokyunage (kotai)
0:39 Kamae (is in your mind, not in your body…your body is relaxed so it can move immediately) 5:35 Katatekosadori kokyunage (juntai)
7:45 Keep unbendable arm and extend ki
8:36 Violence or peace, or becoming one in the middle…how to throw
12:30 Katatekosadori kokyunage (ryutai)
14:03 Keep positive mind with, also with throw, and use kata movement
17:18 Katatekosadori kokyunage (reitai)
19:04 How to lead with Ki
21:39 Katatekosadori kokyunage (highest level reitai) – mushin
24:52 Maai
28:36 Maai exercise
29:09 How to do shomenuchi attack and how to receive shomenuchi attack
32:28 3 tanden (jo tanden, chu tanden, ge tanden), extend light/soul from chu tanden to soul of the other and become one, with exercise.
38:40 How to use soul when receiving shomenuchi attack
45:54 Shomenuchi irimi nage (ryutai)


0:00 How to do yokomenuchi and how to receive
1:28 Additional explanation on how to receive yokomenuchi attack (exercise)
3:34 How to receive yokomenuchi (arts), watch centre line uke
4:56 Stand up straight while receiving
6:45 Yokomenuchi shihonage omote (juntai)
9:26 How to throw shihonage
11:34 Yokomenuchi shihonage omote (juntai)
12:45 Yokomenuchi shihonage omote (ryutai) and how nage uses other hand to protect – relax completely
14:54 Yokomenuchi shihonage omote (ryutai) – don’t stop moving
17:01 Yokomenuchi shihonage ura (juntai), incl. example performed with 2 bokkens
25:34 Exercise to practise first step of ura movement
27:10 How to hit yokomenuchi correctly
29:04 Yokomenuchi shihonage ura (ryutai)
30:12 Yokomenuchi shihonage ura (reitai), how to move in
34:42 Yokomenuchi kokyunage makikomi


0:00 One line exercise (purpose is to keep center line)
2:03 Variation of one line exercise
3:38 Katadori ikkyo, how to catch arm uke
4:45 How to drop arm on arm uke
5:45 Exercise to catch arm uke
6:27 How to hold hand uke by fingers, and turn center line a little bit. With test.
9:44 Move like dragon/elbow stays down while lifting up arm uke, katadori ikkyo omote katameru (kotai)
17:41 Become one with center of gravity, explanation about katameru and keep arms straight (use center of gravity and relax arms) when going down to katameru.
21:10 How to move when uke resists
22:39 How to move both arms
24:49 Katadori ikkyo omote katameru (ryutai) Explanation about kami/great existence and elementary particles and vibrations / Ki. This vibration is also kami. Who made these vibrations, the sun, the earth…we don’t know. The ancient people called it God but we don’t know who, it is the great existence. Become one with the great existence, with nature and the laws of nature then nature protects you. Lots of suffering comes from thinking about past or future, so you must live here and now then your suffering is gone. So when uke attacks, just extend ki. Don’t think about past or future, just now then nature protects you.
33:01 Hold and guard, your energy is divided. Focus 100% on hold. Budo is later translated as stop the fighting mind which is ok, but true meaning is hold the weapon and overcome any problem and go. Katadori is grab and pull down. So before uke grabs nage grabs hand uke.
37:46 Katadori ikkyo ura, first step, keep elbow down (like dragon posture)
38:49 Second step, arm up, down and go straight back
39:34 Exercise to practice this second step
43:42 Katadori ikkyo omote and ura
44:17 Katadori nikyo omote katameru
50:38 Katadori nikyo ura katameru
51:33 Ushirodori kokyunage zenponage (kotai)
54:09 How to catch ushirodori
57:43 Ushirodori kokyunage zenponage (juntai)
57:51 Ushiro ryotekubidori zenponage (kotai)
59:20 End posture with test
1:00:43 Ushiro ryotekubidori zenponage (ryutai)
1:03:25 Uke keep on extending ki through arms, don’t pull
1:04:17 Ushiro ryotekubidori kotegaeshi (kotai)
1:07:19 How to do first step with test
1:08:48 Ushiro ryotekubidori kotegaeshi (ryutai)
1:10:03 Ushiro ryotekubidori tenbin nage (kotai)



2014 Japan

Katatedori kokyunage irimi, sumi o’toshi