Physical alignment of the two centres

I teach physical alignment of the two centres at the base level to develop a feeling of heart connection between the two.

It’s even more important that the uke attempts to maintain such a connection, as it is in this role that most instructors give the least attention, as in many ways it is the most difficult to pass on. If we only maintain this connection as nage, then 50% of time spent training is lost to just falling down.

Once we get this on a physical level, we can replicate this connection through intent. This is actually internalised as uke, the reason being is that when balance and structure are broken, it’s almost impossible to maintain the physical line of centre, but it is possible to “imagine” this connection, and doing so will naturally return you to this state of physical connection after the technique is completed. Sensei taught this in detail in 2008.

Where we put our mind is important to where we are in our learning process.

Peter Kelly

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