2016 Japan, Italy

2016 Japan



Ushiro Ryotekubidori Zenponage


Ki musubi, Zanshin, Gishisaisei. Motegi sensei and Honryo san.


2016 Italy

03:16 Talking about beginners in aikido: what are the steps that a beginner should follow in his practise of aikido?
05:17 Are there other practices and disciplines (such as meditation, sword schools, etc) that may be complementary to aikido practise, and can improve it?
06:57 Many years have passed since O Sensei founded aikido, many things have changed since then. Do you think that his original message is still comprehensible and applicable to the modern world?
10:35 Looking at the huge number of aikido schools teaching each from a different point of view, in your opinion is it possible to reach a common way of practise (or instead they will remain separated?)
14:29 What do you think Ueshiba Sensei had mastered in order to decide to establish aikido?
17:08 Concerning those who have practised aikido for a long time, what is the meaning of being a sensei?
19:49 Can you tell us some memories about you and your old mates of practice?
32:07 And lastly, what is the best memory of your aikido life?