The Healing Art of Aikido Yuishinkai

Rotterdam - May 2012
Shindo seminar in The Netherlands

Koretoshi Maruyama sensei has over the years studied and taught a variety of alternative healing arts, as these are essential to any martial arts practice. Already O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba had stressed the healing aspects of Aikido and had integrated exercises for health into the warm-up exercises, as well as, for example, turning ‘immobilisations’ into stretches for health.


Healing arts, working through the channeling of Ki as practised and taught by Haruchika Noguchi (Seitai or yuki), or as in Reiki (Mikao Usui), or gentle body manipulation as in Soutai Hou (Keizo Hashimoto), have been the essential ingredients Koretoshi Maruyama sensei has drawn on to distill out his own art (formerly called YUKI), which is most suitable as a foundation practice for Aikido Yuishinkai, as well as a very effective healing modality.


Koretoshi Maruyama sensei has named this new practice “Shin Dou” or commonly called “Shindo”. In the Japanese calligraphy a number of different kanji are used to express Shin:  = 振 vibration, wave, but also 身 body, and another 心 for mind, heart, spirit; and  Dou 道= way or 動 movement, etc.). Koretoshi Maruyama sensei has chosen 振道 which gives a hint of the basis for the art. One needs however to see and feel the process in order to understand.



In 2013 Koretoshi Maruyama sensei announced that he will not teach Shindo any more in his seminars and devotes all his energy to Aikido. Therefore, he has authorized his successor Okajima Sensei to be the only teacher of Shindo at Aikido Yuishinkai and has a right to issue licenses.


Okajima Sensei is setting up a rule (or a system) to be a teacher of ‘Shindo’ at Aikido Yuishinkai. He also changed the name Shindo to ‘導心道=Doushindo’. If people wish to study it more or to get a license to teach it, please study under Okajima Sensei and get his approval. He is the only person that Koretoshi Maruyama sensei has authorized to do so.