Interview with Maruyama Sensei in Bologna 2017

From the Chief Instructor Aikido Yuishinkai Italy, Franco Bertossa, Simone Shrap Semprini, Marco Schiavi and dear friends from Aikido Yuishinkai in Bologna. Thank you very much for doing this interview with Sensei.

Here’s the interview with Maruyama Sensei who kindly answered to our questions during the last European seminar in Bologna, for the 20th anniversary of 合氣道唯心会 Aikido Yuishinkai.

The Aikido Yuishinkai International founder, Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei, kindly accepted to be interviewed during the European seminar held by himself in Bologna and Modena, June 2016.

We are grateful to Sensei for his answers and details, permitting us a better comprehension of the aikido reality and of its apprentices, by the exclusive perspective of one of the last instructors directly formed under the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

[03:16] – Talking about beginners in aikido: what are the steps that a beginner should follow in his practise of aikido?
[05:17] – Are there other practices and disciplines (such as meditation, sword schools, etc) that may be complementary to aikido practise, and can improve it?
[06:57] – Many years have passed since O Sensei founded aikido, many things have changed since then. Do you think that his original message is still comprehensible and applicable to the modern world?
[10:35] – Looking at the huge number of aikido schools teaching each from a different point of view, in your opinion is it possible to reach a common way of practise (or instead they will remain separated?)
[14:29] – What do you think Ueshiba Sensei had mastered in order to decide to establish aikido?
[17:08] – Concerning those who have practised aikido for a long time, what is the meaning of being a sensei?
[19:49] – Can you tell us some memories about you and your old mates of practice?
[32:07] – And lastly, what is the best memory of your aikido life?