Musubi means to tie together, to “knit” to lock.

In my practice, Musubi starts with the line of attack, it eventually ends up at the solar plexus/heart region.

When the old masters(Shioda, Shirata, Sunadomari etc) said to give up the point of contact, what were they saying?

To read intent one must know intention. To know intention is to see from their perspective in its entirety. To me this is to attempt to see from the attackers perspective. This is foremost in my mind at all times. It is the highest principle.

I never begin technique, nor attempt technique until I have tried utmost to follow this principle. In turning I match exactly the stance of the attacker, if they stand in hanmi, I stand behind them in the same, this gives clarity to perspective. Many times we rush to technique without finding this perspective. I always say never sacrifice principle for technique, but it’s human nature to see a form as what is to be copied, rather than a principle that must be adhered to.

Body, mind spirit means body first always. Ego means we cannot fail at technique, and Dan grades and titles are the trap that keeps this cycle from being broken.

Failing at technique is ok, slowing it all down is ok, not having all the answers is ok.

Ki musubi is to match in entirety with the intent and mind of the attacker.

To release from our mind/heart any intention and look at the situation from their perspective rather than forcing our own.

Understanding this is in our body, our footwork and our intent.

Saying it doesn’t make it so. Action is intent devoid of illusions.

If you make the action right, understanding follows.

Move the totality of the consciousness on the line of intent, and ki musubi will become your way, not just your words.

Ki musubi is the path to knowing ki-gata.

We are what we repeatedly do. Taurus Fimus est non Validus Occulto.

Peter Kelly

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