Tanden ball

So, the tanden ball. The sphere that moves the structure. Sensei has been teaching tanden ball for 20 years as a fundamental in Yuishinkai Aikido. Fundamental means that senior instructors must know and teach this principle as the art they represent.

Tanden ball relates directly to in/yo. When a sphere moves one side ascends and another descends. One side enters the other withdraws. All done in total harmony and synchronicity.

In motion a sphere moves in relation to its friction point. In humans this is the sole of the foot, sensei has covered feet and there importance for over 20 years. It’s the reason we don’t jump or hop in Yuishinkai, the ball never bounces.

Understanding this concept means there is never any conflict in technique as a line of force hitting an object under rotation creates a tangent to the line of force. When you “become” this sphere it changes dynamic interactions in totality.

Work hard at this point……..

Peter Kelly

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