Chasing technical efficiency will lead to great disappointment

Chasing and chasing technical efficiency will lead you to great disappointment.

The art of aikido is about the self, about how we change who we think we are into who we can be.

If you understand basic principles you realise that you cannot control, in any way, another being. You can’t “lead their ki” (words used by Japanese masters to “best” describe a feeling in their ability), you can’t alter another mind in any way without first knowing that mind. We change ourselves to understand the attackers mind/intent. If we awase with this intent, we can understand. To truly understand we must accept the attackers intent entirely. In changing ourselves perhaps we can change them, but having intent to do anything is the same mind as the one that attacks.

Isn’t this mutual death, these two intents cancel each other out.

Our “universe” is unique to us. When we develop this universe it can act as a beacon for those around us.

Work hard to develop the founding principles.

Keep weight underside, extend ki and relax completely are just the beginning of understanding, they point the way, the rest is for us to discover through diligent research, training and introspection.

This has always been the way.

There are no shortcuts to knowing what we cannot know.

Peter Kelly

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