Nage is the study of the self

Mind isn’t the use of “jedi” tricks.

Mind is increasing understanding through bringing totality of awareness into each and every part of every movement at all times.

In Aikido, nage is the study of the self. How the body moves and reacts to stresses and external stimuli. It is the realisation of the capacity of being human, existing in and understanding the physical body, and then stretching its limitations through mind.

It is using intent and visualisation to “trick” the nervous system and proprioception centres of the body to reorient physical capacity.

Mind uses mind to effect mind.

Uke is about connection. It’s the ability to increase our body’s 6th sense capacity through special awareness in a threatening situation.

It teaches us to know and understand through our senses real threat in real time, and to formulate an appropriate response that through training becomes intuitive action.

It has nothing to do with avoiding what is to happen, but rather accepting that it will/has happened.

Creating receiving body means to have emptied the ego to the teacher to allow the cup to be filled. It’s this emptying and refilling process that creates “Shosshin” the beginners mind that is essential to self mastery.

Anyone that claims they have nothing to learn from their Japanese masters has forgotten the art of uke, and the truth that it teaches – humility.

Anyone, regardless of rank, affiliation, perceived public standing or school that has not spent considerable time internalising the art of uke cannot ever claim to be a master of the martial arts.

This is the ultimate lesson, the first trial and the last true test.

Both roles rely on existence in this moment, here and now are all that exist and here and now is where we learn to fail, learn to learn and learn to forget learning.

The eternal now is the true capacity of the master, and the path which anyone that studies Budo must ultimately seek.

Peter Kelly

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