Peter Kelly 10th dan

On July 4, 2020, I granted the International Chief Instructor of Aikido Yuishinkai, Peter Kelly, the rank of 10th dan.

In Japan, not just in Aikido, but in all martial arts, it is customary to grant high ranks, known as “honorary ranks,” to those who have made great contributions to the art, irrespective of their technical ability. I have granted 10th dan to two people on that basis.

However, Peter Kelly is different. Both his character and technical ability are such that anyone would recognize that he is worthy of the highest rank. Furthermore, nobody except me can judge this, but he has mastered the special technique of ai-nuke, which is the most advanced technique in Japanese martial arts. He never talked about it, but it was demonstrated by the founder of aikido, Ueshiba Morihei, and I perceived it. That is why I didn’t leave the founder’s side until his passing. Now, Peter has learned the founder’s special technique of ai-nuke through me.

I hereby declare that Peter Kelly is worthy of the highest rank in Aikido Yuishinkai.

Koretoshi Maruyama
Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai

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